Oct 30, 2012


       Disney has been buying up the rights to creative properties for a while now. They have bought: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Muppets, Power Rangers, Marvel, and now STAR WARS!

        I will admit that I was sceptical when Marvel was purchased, but The Avengers put my mind at ease as Disney crafted the greatest Super Hero movie ever. Now Lucasfilm has been bought and an Episode 7, 8, and 9 are coming down the pipeline starting in 2015. As a fanboy I am more excited than you can possibly imagine.

        I think this has been brewing for a while due to the recent move up dates of the 3D releases of Episode 2 and 3. I believe that the potential of more episodes was the bait needed by Lucas to snag 4.05 billion dollars for his beloved empire.

        We have until 2015 to speculate on what storyline will be for Episode 7, but until then all we can do is dream. I would personally like to see them use the same technology they used with Tron to make the older actors digitally younger through computer graphics and body doubles.  If anyone could afford to do it well it is Disney.

        I am looking forward to many great years to come as a fan. My kids absolutely love Star Wars, especially the newer stuff and at this rate so will my grandkids.


Virtual offices in Hong Kong said...

Better if they releasing one of the episode in his year. any hope I will looking forward about this.

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Paris Cortez said...

i know i loved the avengers movie!!! cant wait for the next one!