Apr 19, 2012

Are You Swimming in Your Own Filth?

I have to change my turtle's filter about once a week. It is constantly being clogged with his waste and scrap food. The filter needs to be clean to do its job.

If I ever became tired of changing the filter I could decide to take it out completely. Of course this decision would lead to my turtle's death. Good old Donatello could never survive swimming in his own filth without me.

The same is true in life. Living in our own filth leads to death. Romans 6:23 tells us that we deserve death because of sin, but can live because of Christ. 

As we abide in Christ and in His word we are constantly being cleansed of sin. The Bible points out areas we need to turn over to God and jesus forgives us. 

Aren't you glad He does not grow tired of cleansing us? What if He simply turned off the filter and walked away? Isn't it great that He loves us more than I love my turtle?

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